Signs to Schedule Boiler Repair in Seaford, NY!

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Is your boiler pushing its limits? Do you notice that it is using more fuel or producing less heat? It may be time to schedule boiler repair in Seaford, NY. Here are some signs that your boiler needs a tune-up:

Your boiler is making too much noise

A high-pitched sound can be an indication that there are air bubbles in the line. If the hissing sound doesn’t stop after 10 minutes, call a Seaford, NY boiler Service Company. This could also be caused by dirt or scale buildup inside your boiler.

The pump on your boiler is cycling more frequently

If your pump is cycling more often, this can be a sign that the boiler has lost its prime. It may need to be re-primed or have air bubbles removed from the system. You should also contact a boiler repair specialist if you hear grinding noises from inside your boiler.

You notice water on the floor near the boiler

This is a sign that your boiler has been flooding. If you notice water or steam everywhere, shut off the heat and call a repair professional as soon as possible. The technician may suggest getting boiler replacement in Massapequa, NY.

Suction pressure in your boiler is too low

Suction pressure should be around 15 psi at all times. If it drops below 13 psi, it’s time for boiler repair. An indication that your pump is failing is also low suction pressure.

You have trouble lighting the pilot light on your gas boiler

If it takes several minutes to turn on or if you continuously have to relight it, chances are you need an electric boiler repair specialist immediately. Low flame can indicate clogged pipes, too much fuel, or dirty burners.

Flames are blue with yellow tips

If your flames are producing a lot of smoke or if they have a bluish tint to them, call an emergency repair service in Seaford as soon as possible. This is likely caused by poor combustion air. If you notice this issue frequently, you may need to have your burner and flue checked.

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