Signs You Need Water Heater Repair Service In Massapequa, NY!

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A water heater can be an expensive appliance to have in your home, and it is often necessary for homeowners to hire a professional plumber for any larger repairs. Some of the common signs that require immediate water heater repair service in Massapequa, NY are as follows:

Clogged Thermostat:

Many water heaters have a large dial with a drip leg at the bottom for draining any sediment build-up. If this becomes clogged, it will prevent the flow of new water and cause some major problems.

When the thermostat is clogged, the burner will have a difficult time turning off. Having professional water heater maintenance in Seaford, NY will prevent this from happening before it causes much larger problems.

Thermal Expansion:

When there isn’t enough space for excess water to expand, pressure will build up and cause an explosion that must be fixed immediately.

Leaking Pipes:

Leaks are usually caused by faulty tankless water heaters in Massapequa, NY, and traditional water heaters. If the temperature of the tank has exceeded its limit, cracks can develop. If these issues are not taken care of properly, they can cause some serious flooding in your home!

Low Flow/No Hot Water:

You must make sure that the problem is not with your home’s main water supply. If this is the case, you must call a plumber and get your water heater checked as soon as possible.

Low Pressure:

If you’re not receiving enough water from your faucet, the issue may lie in a clogged air gap or a faulty pressure-reducing valve.

If any of these common problems sound familiar to you, be sure to contact a professional plumber immediately! Aquamanz Plumbing has been providing homeowners in Massapequa, NY with the best plumbing service for many years. Call us today at 516-613-2858 if you have any problems!