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Faucets, like other parts in the house, need replacements over time. A broken or leaky faucet could lead to water damage or water pollution. They also complicate daily necessities like bathing, cooking, or cleaning.

Chivalry Plumbing & Heating technicians identify problems caused by a faulty faucet and provide maintenance at reasonable prices. We ensure your satisfaction and help mitigate future repair needs with preventative care. Call 516-402-3200 to learn more about our faucet repair and installation services in Massapequa, NY.

Common Signs You May Need a New Faucet

Faucets connect to your property’s water supply lines. Without a working, clean faucet, your water won’t be able to reach you when you need it most. Unsafe water cannot clean or provide hydration properly.

A faucet’s condition is often enough to indicate whether you need a repair or installation. Some signs treatment may be necessary include the following:

Leaky Faucets

This particular issue happens the most often in both home and commercial plumbing. Faucets that continue dripping or streaming after someone turns them off waste water and run up utility bills. In some cases, leaking water leads to property damage, which can be costly to repair.

Poor Water Pressure

A leaky or broken faucet can decrease the water pressure and cause internal water damage. This damage occurs because water that would normally flow out of the faucet instead flows into the nearby wall or floor. A faucet replacement may solve the problem.

However, a lapse in water pressure may be due to deeper pipe issues like corrosion or blocked valves. Any plumber who pops up when you search “faucet repair near me” may be able to complete the job. However, we go the extra mile by thoroughly investigating the location of the pressure problem to ensure it never returns.

Poor Temperature Control

An older faucet controls temperatures by mixing water in its cartridge or stem. If a problem occurs inside this component, the water may come out lukewarm, frigid, or scalding. While improperly mixed water is not common, the results could cause burns.

This issue could also signal that the water heater needs maintenance. We manage all parts of your plumbing system to rule out a bigger underlying cause.

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