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Your home or office’s plumbing system is extremely vital. Without an efficient and working plumbing system, your daily life can come to a standstill because from taking a bath and washing dishes to watering your plants and washing clothes – you need an uninterrupted supply of water for everything!

We, at Chivalry Plumbing & Heating, understand the importance of plumbing systems, hence we ensure to use all the latest tools and technology to help our customers maintain their plumbing systems. One of our key services that we offer to residents of Massapequa, NY, and nearby areas is the plumbing inspection service.

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What Is Plumbing Inspection Service?

A plumbing inspection service is where our plumbing experts will visit your property and conduct a detailed inspection of your entire plumbing system to find out any issues and provide reliable solutions accordingly. When you invest in plumbing inspection in Massapequa, NY, you can also use the service to look for any potential problem and resolve it in the early stages itself.

When Should I Schedule A Plumbing Inspection Service?

We recommend plumbing inspection services when you are buying a new house or looking for any plumbing problems in your existing home. Your search for ‘plumbing inspection near me’ will turn up several plumbing companies; however, ensure that you hire only the best, i.e., Chivalry Plumbing & Heating, as we are well equipped with the latest technology and equipment.

Our plumbing experts use high-definition video cameras to look for existing and potential plumbing problems and provide guaranteed solutions for them. During the plumbing inspection, our experts will check:

Avail top class plumbing inspection services in Massapequa, NY, and nearby areas today!

Cost For Plumbing Inspection

Worried about the plumbing inspection cost? Rest assured as we offer the best price in town on all our services. We also offer discounts so that everybody can benefit from our services. Also, we guarantee that our services are worth the price you pay.


Our plumbing inspection service involves the use of technologically advanced tools to determine existing and potential plumbing problems.

We conduct in-depth plumbing inspection of leaks, installation problems, drainage, sewer, water heater, etc.

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