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Heating units are one of the essential utilities needed to get through the New York winter. Whether you are at home or office, the need to stay warm and cozy during the winters is essential. If you already have steam boilers installed, you must ensure that they are well maintained, all the repairs are done on time, and the parts are replaced as and when necessary. If you are looking for a company that can provide all these steam boiler services under one roof, then your search ends at Chivalry Plumbing & Heating.

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What is a steam boiler?

A steam boiler is a heating system used to heat water and the steam produced is sent via radiators to heat the room. Steam boilers usually contain a cast iron tank filled up to half with water. This water is heated through a burner placed below the tank. The steam then rises through the various supply pipes to each of the radiators. Air convection is used to transfer the steam from the radiator into the room. Once the steam condenses and turns back into water, it travels back through the return pipes and the water is reheated.

Steam boiler units will either have a one-pipe or two-pipe system.

Our steam boiler services

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Steam boiler cost

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We offer various services related to steam boiler systems, such as repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement.

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