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Do you suspect water leaks in your home or business but can’t work out the source of the leak? You need expert water leak detection services.
Chivalry Plumbing & Heating provides a specialist water leak detection service to homeowners and businesses in Massapequa, NY.

Our team of professionals can find hidden water leaks and develop customized solutions to eliminate them. Call 516-604-5673 to schedule an inspection today.

Causes of Water Leaks in Buildings

There are many causes of hidden water leaks in a building. They include:

  • Corrosion
  • Construction damage
  • High system pressure
  • Poor installation of plumbing or water features
  • Ground shifting or settling
  • Frost
  • Failing or damaged joints

Whatever the cause of the leak, you can trust us to find it. End your search for “water leak detection near me.” Schedule an appointment with us today.

The Versatile Water Leak Detection Company

Hidden leaks inside your plumbing system are destructive, often resulting in expensive repairs. At Chivalry Plumbing & Heating, we have the right equipment to pinpoint the location of the leaks and eliminate them. Our services include:

Residential Water Leak Detection

Home water leaks often occur due to burst pipes and damaged plumbing fixtures. One of the first signs of water leaks in your home is an inexplicable hike in your water bill. Ignoring the leak increases the risk of more severe damage.

Our team of professional plumbers can find the source of the leak and correct it quickly. We are available 24/7 to tackle all residential water leak problems.

Commercial Water Leak Detection Service

Undetected water leaks can cost your business thousands of dollars. The leak can deface the office space’s walls and ceilings and destroy your office supplies. Imagine the consequences of losing critical hardware like servers and computers and sacrificing stored goods.

Our Chivalry Plumbing & Heating team can efficiently repair water leaks in all kinds of commercial properties. We’ll find a water leak repair that works best for your property.

We can check for leaks in your:

  • Plumbing
  • Landscape water feature system
  • Water distribution systems

Water Leak Detection is Not a DIY Project

When you have a leaking faucet or shower head, you can easily change them with the right tools. However, the story is different for water leak detection.

The job requires the use of specialized tools. That said, even if you have access to these tools, you need adequate training to use them properly. Otherwise, you can make costly mistakes that can cause significant damage to your home.

Don’t worsen the situation. Call the Chivalry Plumbing & Heating team. Here’s why we are the first choice for many homeowners and businesses in Massapequa, NY:

  • We guarantee timely service. Our team will arrive on schedule and complete the project as fast as possible.
  • We respect your property. We clean up after the water leak detection and repair process, leaving your property cleaner than we found it.
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment. Our top-of-line non-invasive equipment can help us unmask any leaks, no matter where they’re hiding.
  • We guarantee professionalism. Our team will be on hand to answer all your questions and make sure the entire process is stress-free and pleasant.

Our Water Leak Detection Process

Our water leak detection service at Chivalry Plumbing & Heating starts with a thorough inspection of the affected area. We’ll use a combination of tools to uncover the source of the leak before we begin the repair work.

Some of the tools we have in our arsenal include:

  • Acoustic leak detection machines. These tools feature ground microphones that allow us to detect water leaks through subsurface pipes.
  • Leak noise correlators. These specialized electronic devices feature sensors that can pick up the leak location. Complex algorithms help us accurately identify the leak location. The sensor shows a visual representation of the leak location on a monitor.

Once we find the source of the leak, we’ll explore the most practical steps to correct the problem and discuss them with you.

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