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How does a water softener unit work?

When the water consists of high mineral content like magnesium and calcium, it is called hard water. A water softener system helps convert this hard water into soft water. The system contains negatively charged resins that are fused to sodium ions that are positively charged. The water softener system switches the magnesium and calcium ions with the positively charged sodium ions, thus converting the hard water into soft water.

Water softener benefits

Some of the top benefits of a water softener include:

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Services we offer

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Why should you install a water softener system?

Installing a water softener can help you avoid several problems caused due to hard water, like:


A water softener unit is a system that helps to change the hard water into soft water, which is more beneficial for everyone.

The cost of water softener service is calculated based on various factors. Talk to plumbing experts to know more about pricing.

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